Keep Kids Safe
We are demanding vaccines for schools
Mandatory 12+ & Teachers !!!!!!!

A: 65% of WA-citizen are vaccinated, can assume that we also try to keep out kids safe?
And then send them to unsafe schools? That doesn't make sense.

B: We all pay property taxes and some 50% goes towards schools. If schools do not protect our kids from this preventable Covid disease, like Measles and others, then perhaps we stop sending our kids to public school, stop paying 1/2 the property tax and go to private school.

C: While most prefer IN-PERSON schooling.....
If my and other kids go onto remote learning again, we don't have to do that within Seattle.
There are many online schools, from USA to China to provide excellent remote learning.
Less online in Seattle= less local teachers needed.

For kid's social activities, like last year, we have our safe bubble, we don't need schools if they are not made safe. Get vaccinated!

D: Mandates are coming, every day, the Feds, Tyson and United Airlines, Google, Facebook Microsoft etc require it..... so why wait? Kids are not important?

UW made it mandatory for students and staff, so why not the Seattle School District? Anybody 12+ can get vaccinated, to protect the under 12 kids. Do so ASAP, so when school starts, all are vaccinated, it takes 5 weeks to get full immunity.

E: Don't mention freedom! Freedom also required responsibilities:
Preventing avoidable disease is one such duty to the team USA.

We stop on Red. We drive on the right side. We wear seatbelts. We require measles shot for kids. Doctors have to have all kinds of vaccinations to work in a hospital. Just to name a few.....

F: You can believe one crazy Snake Oil Doctor in FL, or do research on YouTube while sitting on the toilet, or you can believe science and the 99.9% of the medical community. What is it going to be?

Schools are supposed to teach science... so how about believing what you teach? Get vaccinated.

G: Know the definition of Insanity?
Doing the same stupid thing over and over again and expecting different result !

1: So when Wuhan happened December 2019.. nobody believed it would come to the USA = NAIVE
With 10,000 flights/DAY... any virus is spreading over the world within 72 hours.
(I bought facemasks and sanitizer for my employees and customer in JAN 2020! )

2: When Italy happened..... we looked on, instead of getting prepared = STUPID

3: When the UK variant happened....... we again looked one..................= INSANITY

4: When Delta happened in India.....we looked on again
it was pretty clear that one person infect many more people than Wuhan(2) and UK(4).

Just look at the speed and data. Then it overtook the UK variant in the UK in record time, because an infected person infects about 8 other people. 8!

The data was out there, every day. It did not take the slow CDC to tell us that 1 week ago.
What does that makes us........ ? >>>> REALLY INSANE and INCOMPETENT.

While I am on insanity:
Why do we allow airplanes to land at SeaTac with up to 35% infected unvaccinated people?
United Airlines now mandates their employees to get vaccinated, how about passengers?

And now we want to open up schools with unaccented kids over 12 and staff?

UW made it mandatory..... but kids are expendable?

All educators should know better!
If they can add 2+2 (=4) , you know how pandemics spread. Or do you?

Stop this madness. 4 waves are enough. When do we learn ?

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