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Transcripts from China:

(As always, just one's suggestion)

Chinese now understand the virus, thanks autopsy of bodies
a: Virus blocks lung pathways with thick mucus ...that solidifies

b: For medicine to get there, you have to open and unblock these airways
But that takes days

1: Drink hot liquids a lot. Warm Water every 20 minutes, to wash down virus into stomach
where it gets killed by acids

2: Gargle everyday with aseptic, like vinegar, salt, lemon and warm water

3: Virus attached to hair and cloth
Take shower when you come in from street...Any detergent or soap kills it
Avoid sitting down anywhere till you wash your cloth, take fresh cloth

Wash cloth daily or hang in sun light

4: Wash metallic surfaces. Virus can survive for up to 9 days
IN your own house as well.... Avoid touching them

5: Don't smoke

6: Wash hands with foaming soap every for 20 minutes for 20 seconds

7: Fruit and Vegi.. Elevate Zinc level and Vitamin C

8: Animals don't spread virus

9: Avoid getting flu. Don't drink cold stuff or eat cold food

10: If sore throat, attached immediately using above method
Virus stays 3 days in upper air ways before getting in your lungs

Some doctors & Val doing when coming home:

1: Take cloth off in garage and put it in the washing machine
Leave shoes there.

2: Wash hands before touching anything inside the house

3: Take a hot shower. Put on new close.

4: Do the above LIST...

5: Wipe all items in shopping bag with bleach solution or antiseptic/alcohol

6: Try to keep house as safe as possible

Valentin Caspaar