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Vaccinate 12+ & Teachers

July-August 2021

There is NO substitute for a vaccination.
It is very clear that masking alone doesn't even prevent the spread of Delta.
It was clear in India, in the UK and now even slow CDC says: MASK UP AGAIN even if you are vaccinated.

Get vaccinated. it still takes 5 weeks to have the full effect of this protection!
All unvaccinated people will get Delta.
99% of all hospitalization is now of unvaccinated people.

June 2021: Just Info being studied:
REPEAT: BEING STUDIED, don't use Horse Ivemectin

A narrowly tailored single vaccine allows RNA viruses to mutate and evolve resistance, while the multi-drug cocktail prevents this. By simply adding Ivermectin to the vaccines, the world could quickly overcome the problem of variants in a matter of weeks.

In India's recent deadly second pandemic surge, Ivermectin obliterated their crisis. Within weeks after the ICMR and AIIMS adopted Ivermectin, their cases are down 90% [414,188 to 42,640]. Those states with more aggressive Ivermectin use were down more dramatically; Daily cases in Goa, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi were down 95%, 98%, 99%, 99%, respectively.

Ivermectin News

Ivermectin News 2

January 2021


July-Dec 2020

Stupid Societies deserve bad results

After being active with every Gov.agency on every level... I gave up!

Came to the conclusion that what made America great,
is also it's downfall in a global health crisis:

1: When uneducated leaders believe they know more then Science & Simple 2+2 Math (=4)
or only want to further their populist winning agenda, then all is lost.
400,000++ death, massive hospitalization and a ruined economy are the result.

2: As a succesful businessman since 45 years, I said at least the last 20
that the USA threw out all common sense and become a paper tiger with red tape.

The "Post American World" by Fareed Zakaria, isn't just about the rest of the world catching up
It's also the red tape that kills small business in every way:

In Kent,WA, you are not allowed to lock up your business front door
When you are alone in your business at night doing paperwork.
My small business pays more taxes than Apple or Google. Something is very wrong.

3: This red tape translates now into Testing and Vaccinations failures, you hear the news:

We are American't

a) We can't test... but the rest of the world can from February 2020 on.
We still can't test, not for genome mutations. We are 43rd in the world. (Trump math translation: The higher the number... the worse we are)

b) Vaccines are available.... but Red Tape prevents it from being injected.
Surely somebody heard of the National Guard medics? They could help.

c) We need to stop the spread... and thus stop the mutations....

Stop Flying!

d) An 8c facemasks is cutting into your freedom? How about $5 trilling in debt?
Lack of jobs, a ruined economy?

May 2020

Mongolia = ZERO DEATH, next to CHINA

Latest STATE by STATE Map and Case Count

Without NY, the REST of the USA still increasing!

Restaurant Spread

Since January I said 2+2=4 every 6 days
that comes to 1,400,000 by now....
Nobody listed, and now I understand WHY:
Alternative Math & Facts in the USA!


April 2020

See Which Countries are Flattening Their COVID-19 Curve

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Statistics and Research

Best English Analysis, and not just about Switzerland

Some in German, by the Swiss Doctor"


Wuhan Lock-Down

My friend was quarantined in Wuhan for 8 weeks..
Now she is back in Seattle and ASK:
How stupid can the USA act ?

China-Hubei Province, Wuhan city, about 100-300 MILLION had a hard lock down for 9 week
and the virus was mostkly done.

Volunteers & military brough food once/week.

If the virus can't spread... they virus dies out. Live returned to normal 3 month later, June 2020.

Best Prevention Video

USA State-by-State & Graphs



Click to enlarge

We are ITALY in 2 weeks and WUHAN in less than 4 !!!
China SHUT DOWN after having 400 tested cases!!!

HOW the Chinese stopped the virus............. ?
NOT home quanrantine !

We could have learned from the S.Koreans !

1600 tested, but 500,000 in the USA............?

How ready is our healthcare system? NOT !
MATH Anybody?!?

The Speed of Spread


What Governments need to do, NOW or weeks ago

Infectious Duration:

Coughed into the Air:3 hr (Masks?)
On Copper Surface.....................4 hr
Cardboard................................ 24 hr
Plastic/Steel Surface.......2-3 days !!!


Infectious 14 days BEFORE...Symptoms
Infectious DURING ................Symptoms
Infections 14 days AFTER......Symptoms

Infectious with NO symptoms !!! (Often Kids !)

At Save-U-More, we wear masks to protect us both!

You should wear one too! It prevents spreading of the virus !!

We do not sell masks on eBay for $50. Shameful!
We give away free masks to our customers!
Stay safe and use, re-use them wisely.

The SPREAD in Asia is very much slower then Western Countries
Asian wear masks, Westerners do not ! Look at the speed of Spread!
Masks or Not? ..... Masks Proven to Work!
Home Made Masks

China stopped the virus by:

1: Isolation/Quarantine of 1/3 of the population= 400 million people !
2: Everybody wears masks.... You may unknowingly SPREAD Virus!
3: Hand washing.......20 seconds-often, each time you touch anything!

What is the the rest world doing? Not much !

Other Potential Prevention or Ways to deal with it:
1: One of the best anti-viral "remedies" is Vitamin "C"

2: Dr. Klinghardt reviews

3: I think GREAT Info & Suggestions:
Prevention Suggestions and an Italian Analysis

4: Controvercial: Don't take NSAID (Ibuprofen, etc) for Fever !!
For Fever, take ONLY Tylenol (Acetaminophen=paracetamol )
Besides, fiever is a body's defence to kill bugs

5: Drink something 20-60 minutes, to wash down the virus
Into the stomach, where it gets killed.
Want to avoid it going to the lungs!

X?: Gargle with high grade Whiskey or other Liquor.
Swallow it, but don't get drunk either(Evenings).
Alcohol kills the virus in the throat
Virus may be in your mouth, throat or nose
for 2 days before dropping to the lungs..

Current News worth reading

Vaccine for ONLY the USA: How to make friends!

CT-Scans in a few minutes !

Britain tries "Crown Immunication by getting sick"

Bad news:
Doubles every 6 days

Why should we care?

More Info

Seattle will be like Wuhan?

WA.Gov.Inslee: WE must contain, or we have 120,000 cases?
WE? WHO has the power to cancel event and controls the Nat.Guard?
Seattle hold 33,000 people football game!

What is a Corona Virus

China moves patient !     Seattle moves patient ?

People don't get it: We need TIME to
a) Not to overwhelm the healthcare system (Wuhan)
b) For scientists to find a vaccine in 1-2 years!

The difference is:
You having a hospital bed with intensive care
Being treated in the parking lot and sent home to die. GET IT?

USA is far befind in testing, shameful, criminally really!

Trump: Just 15 cases... and it's like the Flu !

Uncheck=Game over in 120 days?
Only 65% will be infect, experts say
Only 15% of them need medical attention
Still 31 million that need medical help!!!
We need 750,000+ ventilators.. and have 75,000

More data and reports:
Avi Schiffmann Data

2 weeks ago, TRUMP says it's a hoax.
1 week ago, Pence says we can test 1,000,000
when the real number is 1000. All LIARS

Red Tape, over regulation causes chaos...
and the public suffers: NO tests:
Badly Bungled Testing
Red Tape slows Test Development

More lies: Google? 1700 Engineers?

Rest of world used GERMAN testing kitds thst work.
We could buy them $6.00/test kit! But we don't, because we are GREAT?
Buy Test Kits in Germany

Austria has a 30 min test

Japan 10-30 min Test

As per CDC,

Face Mask may not help getting the virus,
but they are now Mandatory in China,
because they limit the SPREAD of the virus from infected people.

(A point missed by our "professional" -
because we don't have enough mask "Made in China")

Think about it another way: CDC agrees sick people should wear them!
WHO is infectious? Nobody knows for 14 days !!!!
Thus, if everybody wears them.... we are safer & don't spread it

2: Even CDC agrees, face masks help prevent touching your face, and that is good,
because touching your face with dirty hands infects you.
(How you teach kinder gardeners that I beyond me)

3: Hand washing is important frequently, 20 second long.
Helps prevent the spread of flu and corona virus.
Alcohol based hand sanitizers are also good!

4: Getting a flu shot is very effective to avoid getting the flu, or limit the duration.
You surely don't want to get both the Flu and the Corona virus.

5: If you are sick, STAY home! The rest of us thank you!
If you cough, cough into your inner elbow. Thank you!
Use cough drops to NOT cough in public. Thank you

6: Avoid none-essential travel. Period.
Avoid crowded places just makes sense!

March 2020

What make me mad every time I hear a bogus press conference:

1: This was knows to intellegence services Dec 6 2019, and thus the government!

2: By Dec 31st, 2019 it was official: China informed the WHO.
Still, nobody in the USA takes notice. It is now on BBC

3: By the middle of January China shuts down 60 million people's movement
But we keep on flying around the world, 10,000 airplanes/day

4: Even after the travel ban for Chinese, 3rd country flying continues...
Hongkong, S-Korea, etc etc.. Well. it obviously spreads
What else do you expect?

5: Idiot Trump and Kudlow say it won't happen here? Are they doctors? NO
12 hours later, first unexplained case, within days, 1st death.

Since the death rate is 2-3.5%, 6 death that means many other people are carriers for 4 weeks !
It takes 2 weeks to show and 2 weeks to die afterwards... about.

It's just MATH.. it doubles every 6 days. Sorry, we abolished MATH in the USA

6: What does Trump do? Silence the doctors at CDC. Really Smart!
The Chinese tried that and see what happened afterwards!


WHO Dashboard


King County Health Dep.

More News

65 million dead?

And they don't stop flying !!!

March 2020 Mask and Toilet Paper shortages

Now , 2 month later, everybody wants to buy face masks and toilet paper? A little late, folks !

And still, nobody does what needs to be done: Shut down for 4-8 weeks!

THIS WAS KNOWN by the government middle of December 2019.
For 2+ month, they did not do anything:
Not Trump. not Congress, not governors not hospitals

6 week ago, we had the first case in WA-State
But Seattle city major, nor King County Exec, nor the governor did anything !

I bought disinfectants by the pallet, so people have some.
Only to be told by the fire departments I can have them in my store=Stupid!

I bough masks, 100,000 of them , from Vietnam and Philippines. 4 WEEKS ago !!!!

I am tracking this virus spread since Jan 6th. China notified the WHO Dec 31st !
In China, it was known since Dec 6th 2019.
I am sure secret services around the world knew it too.

If the congress and the president would not fight each other for the top job....
.... maybe they could take care of their country. SHAME on all of them.
Vote accordingly: None of the above!

I send this out Feb 10th:

Don't listen to what they say,
look at what they do!

The flu killed 30-50,000/year in the USA and 650,000++ worldwide
(The Spanish flu 1918 killed 20-50 million...)
so why does the world react to a mere 1000 dead in China?

1: We Stop ANY Chinese from entering the USA and much of the rest of the world.

2: We stopped most flights to China and so have most countries,...
Everybody coming out of China (US Citizen) are either self quarantined for 14 days
or if from Wuhan, mandatory quarantined at a military base

3: China has told everybody to stay home and not come to work for a "while"
The industry is at a standstill more or less. Schools are closed for another 2 weeks at least

4: China locked up - quarantined 60+ million people, (my friend is one of them)
and the number is growing.

5: The official numbers are wrong:
MANY are not accepted at hospitals and are send back home with "flu" like symptoms..
the hospitals are overwhelmed...
and are NOT counted as infected, nor when they die.

6: Even Trump, not a friend of China..
is sending $100 million to help fight the virus there
so we don't have to fight it here...

For Just 1000 people dying in China?
I don't think so ! I hope I am wrong

January 6th, 2020

After hearing rumors from my Chinese relatioves and friends in late December 2019, the WHO warned December 31st, 2019 of an impending possible pandemic.

I warn of this Jan 6th 2020... but nobody was listening. Shame on them!
Everybody was wrapped up in a loosing impeachments battle,
instead of taking care of this country
News From China

Valentin Caspaar